The Company


Jefferson Enforcement & Traffic Services was founded by James Blue in 2011 to provide high quality professional Security Officer services in Louisville & Southern Indiana. We, with our clients as true partners, develop and provide custom designed security and private protection programs to meet the clients specific needs. The professionals at Jefferson Enforcement are trained by various organizations in many fields of service to provide the safest, most reliable, and most secure environment for the client. The Security Officers are provided with professional uniforms that gives the officer an authority look to the public, Armed or Unarmed. All of our officers are equipped with 2-way communication radios to communicate with 24-7 dispatch and there fellow officers. All officers now clock in/out via there smart phone with an mobile app, no more paper timesheets and now the clients can see down to the minute when the officer arrived and left. Our officers have provided an impressive no loss, no claims history. Services are provided for Industry, Residential, Resort Attractions, Health Care Facilities, Business or Individuals, and many more. Our services are tailored to suit the individual needs of the client.

Jefferson Enforcement & Traffic Services is comprised of several divisions:

  • Security Officer Services Division
  • ATM Escort Division
  • Loss Prevention Division
  • Special Events Division  
  • Work Zone Flagging & Traffic Control Division


Louisville Metro Armed Lic. # 14ARM1001


Your satisfaction  & safety comes first...and your success is of ultimate importance.